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What is the local group grid storage at NIKHEF?

The grid storage for the local group has been setup at NIKHEF. In terms of the DQ2 terminology, the DQ2 site name is called "NIKHEF-ELPROD_LOCALGROUPDISK". It consists of 20 terabytes of disk space and used previously by few groups to host D3PD Ntuples.

Unlike other grid storage spaces (that are centrally managed by the ATLAS central grid operation), we are our own manager of the usage of the local group disk. We decide ourselves how to share the space among sub-groups (TOP, SUSY, HIGGS, etc.) at NIKHEF.

How much space left and who is using it?

The following plot shows the disk usage status in past 30 days.

File:Http://bourricot.cern.ch/dq2/media/fig/NIKHEF-ELPROD LOCALGROUPDISK 30.png

More accounting information can be found on this [page].

Lists of datasets on the local group disk can be found on this [page].

How to use it?

moving datasets to it

creating your own datasets on it

accessing datasets/files on it