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This page is intended to keep track of the Nikhef contributors to the Higgs Subgroup 2 (HSG2) at CERN: Usefull things as AMA tags and or samples used will be listed here for future reference.

Links to relevant twiki websites:


The H4l baseline analysis twiki mentions the relevant samples to be:

sample name        Dataset number
 H->4l                 105300
 ZZ->4l                109292
 ttbar->4l             109341
 bb(z->ee)+0p          109400
          +1p          109401
 bb(z->mm)+0p          109405
          +1p          109406
 Z->ee (inclusive)     106050
 Z->mumu (inclusive)   106051

To search for AODs of these samples on the Grid, do for example:

dq2-ls "mc*105300*AOD*"

To narrow it down a bit only look for 'merge' and containers '/':

dq2-ls "mc*105300*merge*AOD*/"