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Installing Atlantis

  • Unzip atlantis

unzip atlantis_10.0.0-20050408.zip

  • Done!

Running Atlantis

  • After the previous step you can now run atlantis by typing:

java -jar atlantis/atlantis.jar

  • Or if you would like to look at event displays reconstructed with ATLFAST type:

java -jar atlantis/atlantis.jar Fast

  • Atlantis versions require JAVA version 1.4 or higher to run.
  • Atlantis will start-up with an example event display file with which you can play around a bit. You can select another event display by going to "File" followed by "Read event" in the Atlantis GUI window. Atlantis event displays are stored in the form of a .xml file. The next section will explain how to create your own event display files using JiveXML

Creating event display files with JiveXML

  • Obtain an AFS token at cern: klog <cern_userid>@cern.ch and type your CERN AFS password at the prompt.
  • Check-out and compile the latest version of JiveXML

cmt co -r JiveXML-00-03-65 graphics/JiveXML
cd graphics/JiveXML/JiveXML-00-03-65/cmt

  • Now I can tell you two ways to make some event display files!
  • ATLFAST Let's take as an example the Generating_Higgs_To_4_Muons_at_NIKHEF tutorial! To create displays for these events just add the following lines in the code of joboptions_HiggsGeneration.py that was given in the tutorial.

include( "JiveXML/JiveXMLAtlfast_jobOptionFragment.py" )
EventData2XML = Algorithm( "EventData2XML" )
EventData2XML.FileNamePrefix = "HiggsTo4Muons_FAST"

  • And then run it as usual:

athena.py joboptions_HiggsGeneration.py

  • For each event that you reconstruct JiveXML will create a file .xml that will look like: HiggsTo4Muons_FAST_0_00000.xml (first event), HiggsTo4Muons_FAST_0_00001.xml (second event) etc. This files can now be opened in Atlantis (running in Fast mode!) as was explained previously.
  • Full reconstruction with RecExCommon: If you are using RecExCommon for full reconstruction just add the following line in myTopOptions.py to create a JiveXML-file for each event you reconstruct


  • Still haven't figured how to set the FileNamePrefix of the files you generate this way. So now your files will have the default prefix and will look something like JiveXML_0_00000.xml ...