Combined Reconstruction Recipes

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Reconstruction of Cosmic muons

<< Note.. the following recipe has quite some problems in segmentfinding and timing for calibration. Bypassing these problems requires too much manipulation with parts of code to make a transparent recipe. The recipe described below is good for making nice atlantis displays though.

A patched version of the environment to run combined cosmic reconstruction in is to be found in the following link: Reconstruction in release 11.2.0. A recipe for combined cosmic reconstruction in release 11.3.0 should be available soon. >>

This Wiki gives a recipe to reconstruct cosmic muons in release 11.2.0 in three different ways:

  • MDT only
  • TileCal only
  • MDT and TileCal combined

First of all, make yourselves a working directory on afs:

  • log on to lxplus:

ssh <username>

  • create a work area (here called 11.2.0)

mkdir 11.2.0

cd 11.2.0/

  • create a requirements file which should look like this:
set          CMTSITE          CERN

macro        ATLAS_DIST_AREA  "/afs/"
macro        ATLAS_RELEASE    "11.2.0"

use          AtlasSettings v* $(ATLAS_DIST_AREA)

path_remove  CMTPATH          ${PWD}
path_prepend CMTPATH          ${PWD}
  • build your CMT environment:

source /afs/

cmt config

source setup.(c)sh -tag=opt

  • the last command line must be typed in every time you open a new terminal.

Reconstruction with MDTs

In your working directory, check out the following packages:

cmt co -r MuonSegmentMakerAlgs-00-00-00 MuonSpectrometer/MuonRecAlgs/MuonSegmentMakerAlgs

cmt co -r MdtDriftCircleOnTrackCreator-00-00-03 MuonSpectrometer/MuonRecTools/MdtDriftCircleOnTrackCreator

cmt co -r MdtCalibSvc-01-03-15 MuonSpectrometer/MuonCalib/MdtCalib/MdtCalibSvc

cmt co -r MuonCommExample-00-00-03 MuonSpectrometer/MuonCommissioning/MuonCommExample

cmt co -r MuonCommExample-00-00-08 MuonSpectrometer/MuonCommissioning/MuonCommExample

Compile the first four packages:

cd MuonSpectrometer/MuonRecAlgs/MuonSegmentMakerAlgs/MuonSegmentMakerAlgs-00-00-00/cmt/

source setup.csh


cd -

cd MuonSpectrometer/MuonCalib/MdtCalib/MdtCalibSvc/MdtCalibSvc-01-03-15/cmt/

source setup.csh


cd -

cd MuonSpectrometer/MuonRecTools/MdtDriftCircleOnTrackCreator/MdtDriftCircleOnTrackCreator-00-00-03/cmt/

source setup.csh


cd -

cd MuonSpectrometer/MuonCommissioning/MuonCommExample/MuonCommExample-00-00-03/cmt/

Before compiling MuonCommExample-00-00-03 one should update the electronics-map with the latest version:

cp ../../MuonCommExample-00-00-08/share/ ../share/.

cd ../../

rm -rf MuonCommExample-00-00-08

source setup.csh


Go the the run directory and obtain the necessary jobOptions and a (cosmics-specific) rt-relation file:

cd ../run

get_files -jo

cp ~kluit/public/ .

cp ~kluit/public/DC2_rt_dbSvc.dat .

In the current jobOptions the run is taken over the 'fixed' datasamples. Reading them directly from CASTOR is problematic, it is recommended to copy them to the run directory and rename them in their original name:

rfcp /castor/

From this point, Athena should run without problems.


Reconstruction with the Tile Calorimeter

This part is inspired from the recipe provided at TileMobiDAQReconstruction page. To do reconstruction with the TileCal only, one should check out the Reconstruction Example (starting from your working space):

cmt co -r TileRecEx-00-00-04 TileCalorimeter/TileExample/TileRecEx

and compile the package:

cd TileCalorimeter/TileExample/TileRecEx/TileRecEx-00-00-04/cmt

source setup.csh


One can run the reconstruction from the MuonCommExample/run directory, provided with again the necessary jobOptions:

cd -

cd MuonSpectrometer/MuonCommissioning/MuonCommExample/MuonCommExample-00-00-03/run

cp ~kluit/public/ .

get_files -jo

cd ../cmt

source setup.csh

cmt bro gmake

Running the jobOptions makes a directory in run called tile in which the JiveXML files are stored, as well as some root files.

cd ../run


Reconstruction with both MDT and TileCal

With all the packages in place, the following jobOptions does the combined reconstruction (starting from the run directory of MuonCommExample): cp ~kluit/public/ .

First, we have to make the comb directory manually to store the JiveXMLfiles in:

mkdir comb