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* if there's time: how to customize your reconstruction chain
* if there's time: how to customize your reconstruction chain
==Physics Analysis Tools (PAT)==
==[http://www.nikhef.nl/pub/experiments/atlaswiki/index.php/NIKHEF_PAT_workshop_Oct2006 Physics Analysis Tools] (PAT)==
[http://www.nikhef.nl/pub/experiments/atlaswiki/index.php/NIKHEF_PAT_workshop_Oct2006 Link to the tutorial]
[http://www.nikhef.nl/pub/experiments/atlaswiki/index.php/NIKHEF_PAT_workshop_Oct2006_pre-Tutorial Link to the pre-tutorial]
Wednesday 25th October.
Wednesday 25th October.

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This is the place where information about the ATHENA workshop will be made available. ATHENA is the control framework of ATLAS. It is based on Gaudi. nice. Getting started with ATHENA is quite difficult and one can easily get lost. not nice. The october workshop held at NIKHEF will provide a first introduction to ATHENA.

The aim of the workshop is:

  • get familiar with CMT (Configuration Management Tool). This is the environment used to run ATHENA and maintain/develop its packages.
  • introduce a beginner to ATHENA and its concepts such as Algorithms, Tools, DataStorage and the like
  • explain the usage of python scripts (jobOptions) in order to steer ATHENA
  • Excersise on a part of the ATHENA-chain: do reconstruction and analysis

Athena generalities

Monday 23th October.

  • introduction to CMT and environment set up.
  • explaination directory structure
  • requirement files
  • handy tools of CMT (co, get_tag, etc)
  • navigating through packages (CVS, LXR)
  • introducing ATHENA and its most used abstract classes: Algorithms, Tools, TDS
  • steering ATHENA with jobOptions python scripts


Tuesday 24th October.

  • the RecExCommon package
  • examples of reconstruction
  • running over Raw Data Objects
  • using different parts of the Detector/ different algorithms
  • production of ESD/AOD/TAG objects
  • if there's time: how to customize your reconstruction chain

Physics Analysis Tools (PAT)

Link to the pre-tutorial

Wednesday 25th October.

  • skeleton Analysis-algorithm
  • adding of new algorithms
  • the use of TAG to redo ESD/AOD
  • generation of Athena Aware Ntuples (AAN)
  • use of AAN to redo ESD/AOD
  • produce ATLFAST ntuples
  • usage of GRID tools
  • running ATHENA on the GRID
  • Trigger aware analysis


Of course, a lot of links can provide even more information on CMT, ATHENA, Reconstruction and PAT.