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Setting up Athena 14.1.0

$ source /data/atlas/offline/14.1.0/cmtsite/ -tag=14.1.0,32,setup,opt
$ export CMTPATH=/project/atlas/users/<username>/14.1.0:$CMTPATH

in /project/atlas/users/<username>/14.1.0/PhysicsAnalysis:

$ cvs -d /project/atlas/cvs/Athena co -r V00-00-04-04 AtlasModularAnalysis


There are three ways of running AMA:

  • Standalone (no AODs)
  • with ARA (all formats)
  • in Athena (only AODs)

For FDR-II: try running AMA in Athena.


$ gmake -f Makefile.Standalone amacint
$ gmake -f Makefile.Standalone CSCDriver

With ARA

from kit

(no extra tags) in AtlasModularAnalysis/cmt

$ cmt config
$ source
$ gmake
with recommended tags

(see also: ):

  • copy files from /data/atlas/users/gossie/Athena/14.1.0
  • compile (NB: use 'cmt bro gmake' to take care of dependencies ) (in all */cmt directories)
    $ cmt config
    $ source
    $ gmake
CMT issues

source in AtlasModularAnalysis/cmt directory gives crash when running AMA with ARA.

Solution: do another source in the AthenaROOTAccess/cmt directory. Now you can run AMA with ARA without problems again.


Sometimes ARA crashes just after initialisation. This is due to a wrongly set PYTHONPATH. To correct this:

  • Copy /data/atlas/users/gossie/Athena/ to anywhere you like
  • replace <username> with your username
  • $ source
      running i686-slc4-gcc34/CSCDriver.exe should be OK now.

      Within Athena

      Starting in /project/atlas/users/<user>/14.1.0/PhysicsAnalysis:

      • first compile AMA
        $ cd AtlasModularAnalysis/cmt
        $ cmt config
        $ .
        $ gmake
      • copy AMAAthena and compile
        $ cp /data/atlas/users/gossie/Athena/AMAAthena .
        $ cd AMAAthena/cmt
        $ cmt config
        $ .
        $ gmake

      run AMAAthena with:

      $ athena