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This page is summarizing the current setup/configuration of the NL cloud of the ATLAS Distributed Computing (ADC).

Apart from that, it also logs the used-to-happen issues during the day-to-day operation works.


  • combined Tier1 center:
    Country Institute GOC site name
    Netherlands SARA SARA-MATRIX
  • Tier2 centers:
    Country Institute GOC site name
    Russia ITEP ITEP
    Russia JINR JINR-LCG2
    Russia PNPI RU-PNPI
    Russia SINP SINP
    Russia RRC-KI RRC-KI
    Ireland CST CSTCDIE

Data Management Services

  • Storage Resource Manager v2.2: deployed on each site as common interface to storage elements
  • gLite File Transfer Service (FTS): deployed at SARA serving the T1-T1 and T1-T2 data transfers to the sites of the NL cloud
  • LCG File Catalog Service (LFC): deployed at SARA for cataloging grid files stored on the sites of the NL cloud

Data locations among SARA and NIKHEF

ATLAS data locations at NL Tier1

SRMv2 space tokens

Daily operation logs

Date Actions Remarks
9 Oct. 2008 requests cosmic and 1beam reprocessed ESD to NIKHEF-ELPROD_DATADISK needed by NIKHEF physics group
10 Oct. 2008 NL Tier2s become on-line again for MC production FTS performance issue at SARA fixed

Useful links

  • ADC eLog entries concerning NL cloud
  • DDM operation wiki
  • DDM browser
  • SRM space usage monitor
  • Data transfer dashboard (T0-T1, T1-T1)
  • Data transfer dashboard (T1-T2)
  • PanDA monitor

Trouble shooting logs

=== Sept. 2008 - huge transfer backlog from T2s to SARA Problem fixed by running the FTS admin tool to slim down the FTS job history db table.

=== Sept. 2008 - SRM request timeout reading data from SARA A cron job fixing orphan file issue of dCache loads PNFS server so it was stopped. Also observe a broken network switch involving 4 new dCache node. The problematic network switch has been replaced. A broken dCache node is also replaced.