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WPCF 2017 internal organisation

What is written below assumes that we will be expecting around 100 participants. This is a reasonable assumption, considering that the average participation (e.g. Frankfurt, Catania, Warsaw) is around 80 people and Amsterdam is probably more attractive and easy place to reach. The summary of the budget, with a conservative and a not conservative estimate can be found at [| this file]. In summary, with the conservative options we go up to 24K, while the non-conservative one raises the amount to 29K.


WPCF will take place at Nikhef between the 12th (i.e. Monday) and the 16th (i.e. Friday) of June 2017. We will start at 14:00 on Monday and finish before lunch on Friday.

Registration and payment

We can do is aim for an early registration of 280€ (or more?) and a late registration with 320€ (or more?). The relevant numbers for 2013 (i.e. Catania, Italy) was 220€, in 2014 (i.e. Gyongyos in Hungary, with extra travel time from Budapest) was 280€ and 320€ for early and late registrations, respectively. Last time (i.e. Warsaw, Poland) the numbers were 280€ and 320€ for early and late registrations, respectively, but they also included a fee of 140€ for students.

Registration will be done mainly online, via bank transfer. The relevant information will be provided online on the web site. We should provide the possibility for onsite payment as well. We will receive cash and see if we can also accept credit card payments.

Todo: See which account we will use, check for credit card usage, receipts etc.

Person responsible: Joan Berger and Panos Christakoglou



The workshop will take place in Z011. The estimated budget for the room was 3250€.

Todo: Book the room between the 12th and the 16th of June 2017. Note that the 12th and the 16th are half-days!!!

Person responsible: Joan Berger


Workshop material

We could offer a typical bag or an umbrella or a raincoat. Alternatively, we could check whether GVB offers weekly passes for trams, metro and trains. The allocated budget for the workshop material was 3000€.

Todo: Check with GVB, get an offer for bags or umbrellas or a raincoats

GVB offers 5 day tickets where the validity starts at the first time the ticket is used. However, this is 26.50 Euro/person. A one day tickt (24h) is 7.50 Euro.

Would umbrellas or similar items be something that FOM or NWO could donate as (part of) their sponsoring? I know that UU has umbrellas and other gifts but I am not sure about FOM/NWO.

Person responsible: Paul Kuijer


Logo and poster

The estimated budget for this part was 1000€, including the web-page which is probably free since we plan to make it ourselves.

Todo: Check logos and posters from previous years

Person responsible: Panos Christakoglou


Web page

We will use indico for the workshop web page. We could either use the one at CERN and host it there (advantage: newer version that can provide various features), or our own at Nikhef which is based on an older version and might not provide all needed functionalities (I need to check).

Todo: Make list of things needed for the webpage and check if the local indico functionalities are sufficient

Person responsible: Panos Christakoglou


The idea would be to plan a small reception with drinks and hot snacks right after the end of the afternoon session on Monday. We can use either the hall right outside Z011 or the room right next to it. The estimated budget for the reception was 1250€.

Todo: Check if either of the two options are available free of charge (i.e. the space). Get an offer from the catering service of CWI (?).

Person responsible: Joan Berger



We could try to use the Spectrum or if it is too small to host ~100 people we book the room next to Z011. We could use Abdeli for a full, mainstream lunch all four days for a total of 7200€. The other option is to use Abdeli for two days and Eurest (sandwiches) for the other two days for a total of 5800€.

Todo: Get an official offer from both companies. See if we could use Z010 also with an external supplier.

Person responsible: Joan Berger


Workshop dinner

We decided to use the Longpura, which is an Indonesian restaurant easily reachable with public transportation. They provide 3-4 dishes dinner for a total of 3500€. We also added 2000€ for drinks.

Todo: Get an official offer and eventually book the place

Person responsible: Raimond Snellings



We have to discuss with both Nikhef and FOM or/and NWO for sponsoring. Other conferences or workshops (e.g. SQM 2017) got money from both sources!

Todo: Get in touch with Arjen and with FOM and NWO

Person responsible: Raimond Snellings


Student support

We foresee 5000€ from the total budget for student support. That will cover for a limited number of students part of their registration fee (e.g. 100€ registration fee for students?). Do we want to waive the fee for ~20 students?

Todo: Check numbers from previous years and make the calculation with some margin

Person responsible: Panos Christakoglou



Find a list of hotels which are easily reachable from Nikhef.

Todo: List of hotels nearby + check with UvA (?) for hostels for students. Can we use rooms from the building across the street?

Person responsible: Joan Berger


Mailing lists

Todo: Create mailing lists for participants and LOC

Person responsible: Panos Christakoglou

Status: DONE