Lectures to newcomers

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Lecture 1: Introduction to heavy-ion physics

  • [1] Cernbox link

Lecture 2: The ALICE Experiment

  • [2] Cernbox link

Lecture 3: Introduction to ROOT

  • [3] Surfdrive link

Lecture 4: Introduction to the ALICE offline framework

  • [4] Surfdrive link

Lecture 5: Introduction to interactive data analysis on stoomboot

  • [5] Surfdrive link

Lecture 6: How to write an Analysis Task in the ALICE AliPhysics framework

  • [6] Cernbox link
  • [7] Link to the 1st tutorial: Interactive Run

Lecture 7: Introduction to tracking in Alice

Lecture 8: Introduction to batch data analysis on stoomboot

  • [[8][Link to surfdrive file]]

Lecture 9: The Silicon Strip Detector (SSD) of Alice