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ALICE Group Meeting

Wed 12 March

  • Alberto: update on dilepton analysis
  • Misha: update on di-hadron correlations with PID

Wed 19 March

  • Chiara: D* in jet
  • Naghmeh: pid vn

Wed 26 March -- Canceled Alice Week

Wed 2 April (at Nikhef)

  • Presentation from the CT
  • You: v2[2] vs v2{2} final results

Wed 9 April -- Canceled Alice preview week

Wed 16 April

Wed 23 April -- Cancelled

Wed 30 April -- Cancelled ALICE Approval week

Wed 7 May -- Cancelled Nikhef staff Texel retreat

Wed 14 May

Wed 28 May

  • ADubla: LHCP rehearsal presentation

Wed 4 June

  • Naghmeh: pid vn
  • Alessandro: D RAA vs Npart

Wed 11 June -- Cancelled ALICE Mini Week

Wed 18 June

  • Dietze Martijn bachelor presentation

Wed 25 June -- Canceled Topical Lectures

Wed 2 July -- Canceled ALICE week

Wed 9 July

  • Annelies:
  • Andrea Dubla: Update on LS peak correlation
  • Alberto Caliva': efficiency studies in Pb-Pb

Wed 16 July

  • Wilke: Gravitational collisions and the quark-gluon plasma
  • Amine: parton energy loss and recoil particles in JEWEL
  • Alberto: peak in the like sign distribution

Wed 27 Aug

  • Philip: Jet-like two-particle correlations with identified particles in pp collisions

Wed 15 Oct

  • Jacopo: Electromagnetic properties of the QGP
  • Giorgos: Higher harmonics
  • Redmer: Statistical contributions to systematic errors (on jet v2)

Wed 29 Oct

  • Redmer: Measuring flow with limited acceptance and triggers

Wed 12 Nov

  • John Idarraga: Prototype for mammography.

Wed 19 Nov

  • Jasper: Low pT heavy flavour PID

Wed 3 Dec (Nikhef)

  • Manuel: Flow with HADES
  • Darius: Di-hadron correlations wrt reaction plane