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20 February 2017


  • straight knife measured to be bent with deviations up to 20 microns

  • cutting wheel quite possibly damaged

  • attempted cutting of module with silicon removed showed that the module is not immobile during cutting

  • movement in 10s of microns while cutting observed (could be solved with new/better knife and wheel)


  • status after last weeks cutting

  • immediate steps needed for next cutting

  • update on sensors for the transport box


  1. repair knife and wheel (Gerrit)
  2. measure friction due to vacuum (Marco, GS)
  3. try to remove 2 silicon chips for future cutting simulations(GS)
  4. measure module movement with deeper wheel bite and/or smaller cut angle(Paul, GS)
  5. decide on the position of the sensors in the transport box (Paul, Marco)
  6. install sensors (carpenter?)
  7. measure environmental effects and shock on the transport box (Marco, GS)