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Running analyses at Nikhef

This is an index of Technical/computing info for the ALICE group

If you want to launch your analysis at the batch farm of Nikhef and you try to connect outside the Nikhef domain then first connect to the login server

. ssh <username>*

Please note that you should never try to run anything on this machine (e.g. not even using a browser), since this is the entry point for everybody to the Nikhef domain. For light things (e.g. browsing a web page, downloading a paper etc) connect to one of the desktops of our group: vesdre, romanche, hamme, blavet, mella, mulde, olona, sacco, luhe

To load the ALICE environment on your Nikhef desktop/login node, use:

. /project/alice/alicesw/bin/ -n

We have two local computer clusters:

If you are new in the group, subscribe to our mailing list